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Considering a Year of Depth

What's New Pussycat? Since my retirement I have been in search of new adventures, like spending a week in Spain helping Spaniards improve their English, or doing the Camino. I also like to "try" learning new skills, like snowshoeing, kayaking or even paddleboarding. My friends and I are always talking about what's newin fashion trends, the latest book, movie or Neflix series ..... and, of course we all like to get a new recipe ..... not to mention what's new on Pinterest!

Go Deeper, Not Wider! In a recent CBC interview I learned of a fellow who suggests that instead of constantly seeking outnew hobbies, adventures, books etc., we should spend more time perfecting or exploring things we've already started. So, instead of signing up for the latest craft class at Michael's, maybe we should revisit the bag of yarn and knitting needles we already have, or check out the box of books in the basement that may contain a gem that you never finished. David Cain, au…

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