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Garden Trends For This Spring

It's early April and of course I'm dreaming of spring and summer .... aren't we all? Snow is still covering our back yard and there are no signs of any new buds or better yet, daffodils. But there is hope and I have already received my order from Vesey Seeds!

Since all I can do is dream, at this point, I began Googling "Garden Trends for 2018", just to find some inspiration. Among the many sites that list the "trends" for this year, a few were reoccurring.

Garden Trends For 2018Edible gardens: The move toward eating healthy is encouraging us to "grow our own" when ever possible, whether it's a tomato plant on the balcony, herbs on your windowsill, or raised beds in the backyard.Embracing Alfresco: Creating an eating space in the backyard or on the deck is very popular.Wabi Sabi: The Japanese acceptance of transience and imperfection. Dying blossoms and foliage that naturally happens with seasonal transitions and over grown plants are &quo…

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